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” So, we suggest that you clear cache from time to time so that you can optimize your browsing speed. If a particular update is causing the YouTube app to buffer slowly, then uninstalling updates should fix it. To do so, go to YouTube app settings as we did in the above tip. Here tap on “Uninstall Updates” button and confirm it to delete all the updates. When you load a website for the first time, the browser cache’s everything so it can run faster the next time.

  • To stop it happening again click on the “Start” key and type “Togglekeys” into the search box and hit the Enter key.
  • You can find the Power switch at the dev error 6667 front right edge of the device.
  • One wrong move and you may cause irreversible damage to your system.

Choose an existing world or create a new one and launch your game. Once you’ve loaded into the world, open the in-game settings menu. “Minecraft” is a sandbox game tailor-made to play with friends. Second, we can’t say enough good things about the Minecraft mod Optifine. Even if you have no intention of doing anything but playing vanilla Minecraft.

Tip 2: Speed Up And Optimize Your Pc With System Genius

Therefore, you won’t have to watch a video that buffers every five seconds. You can try it free for one month and see if you think it’s worth keeping for $12 per month. YouTube has a tool called Stats for nerds that shows you detailed statistics of your connection speed, buffer health and network activity while you’re streaming videos.

We Can’t Find Your Camera Error Code: 0xa00f

If you have already initialized PS4 then installed the game and it keeps freezing only when playing that specific game , then this situation doesn’t correspond with yours. Sometimes PS4 freezes during the gameplay and other times it freezes on the home screen. In fact, this is one of the worst nightmares that every player won’t wish to see. Chrome OS offers Android app support, however some functionalities are limited and will not work.

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